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Antarctic lakes contain remnants of ancient forest fires


Researchers have discovered that the ice-covered lakes in Antarctica's McMurdo Dry Valley uphold the thawed fragments of black carbon from ancient wildfires. The study was published in the American Geophysical Union journal Geophysical Research Letters, and was co-authored by Drs. Yan Ding and Rudolf Jaffe of the Southeast Environmental Research Center at Florida International University.

TEDxFIU: Lakes write music, and science is listening


A classically trained musician, Evelyn Gaiser recently translated high-frequency lake data to musical compositions in order to better understand and describe changes. Dr. Gaiser is an aquatic ecologist who studies long-term dynamics of ecosystems in response to environmental change. She is the executive director of FIU’s School of Environment, Arts, and Society and lead principal investigator of the Florida Coastal Everglades Long Term Ecological Research program.

What you should know about Standing Rock and how it affects water security


In response to months-long protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline project in North Dakota, FIU hosted a discussion between faculty experts in water security and native rights and local members of the Seminole nation. The event, co-sponsored by the Program in the Study of Spirituality, was filled with students who wanted to understand the controversial project and find out how they could get involved in Standing Rock or other water security issues closer to home.

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EVR 5332: Integrated Solutions for Water in Environment and Development


This course will examine the theory and practice of water resources management through diverse case studies, directed readings, and research projects. We will consider policies/practices that help ensure sustainable supplies of freshwater for the multiple sectors of human use (domestic, agricultural, industrial, etc.). We will review the core principles of integrated water resources management that emphasize the finite nature of freshwater resources, and the social and economic value of water.

PHI 3640: Environmental Ethics


Examines Philosophical and ethical perspectives on human interaction with the natural world. Course Designated as a Global Learning course.] This Course will apply philosophical ethics and political theory to the problems of environmental destruction, extinction, and climate change. We Will consider the values that should guide both governmental policies and individual choices when we act in ways that can damage the earth’s biosphere and atmosphere.

Deering Estate position openings


The Deering Estate has several part-time positions available. We are a fun team to work with and have award-winning programs that offer great growth potential within the County/Parks Department or as a springboard to positions at other cultural and environmental organizations. We are seeking candidates with diverse backgrounds and levels of experience; environmental education, ecology, as well as history, art, hospitality and more. See here for job opportunities and application info!