UGSRC seminar on "Sulfide toxicity in seagrasses: causes and consequences"

Event information
Venue:WC-130, MMC campus

Marianne Holmer, ecologist at the University of Southern Denmark, will visit FIU next week for the UGSRC Seminar Series. Her talk, entitled "Sulfide toxicity in seagrasses: causes and consequences" is scheduled for Monday, April 11th at 3pm in WC130. Graduate students are welcome to join Marianne for lunch at noon in the SERC conference room (OE-148).

Marianne works on issues ranging from mariculture to marine plant ecology to sediment biogeochemistry, though she is an expert on sulfide toxicity and metabolism in seagrasses. This is particularly timely given the recent seagrass die-off in Florida Bay related to sulfide stress. You can find information regarding the seminar as well as some of her articles here.