CLTS Founder Dr. Kamal Kar meets with FIU/USAID WA-WASH staff

During his visit to Burkina Faso, Dr. Kamal Kar, the Sanitation and Natural Resources Expert met with FIU/USAID WA-WASH Program staff on Thursday, February 9, 2017, at the Program's Office, in Ouagadougou. This exchange with the founder of the Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) provided a real opportunity to share experiences and stress the need for Burkina Faso to move towards the implementation of CLTS without subsidies.

At the initiative of Dr. Lakhdar Boukerrou, FIU/USAID WA-WASH Regional Director, Dr. Kar, accompanied by Ms. Gaƫlle Fohr, Consultant at UNICEF West and Central Africa Regional Office, were invited to make a presentation of the CLTS approach to the Program staff and members of WRRC and CESAO staff. As a reminder, the CLTS approach developed by Dr. Kar was introduced in Africa in 2008. Dr. Kar stressed that the CLTS methodology is based on a no-subsidy policy rooted in a community empowerment and mobilization model. In West and Central Africa, 19 countries have adopted this no-subsidy approach which has contributed to awareness raising and behavior change among populations. As a result, these populations are constructing their latrines on their own, without any subsidies.

Burkina Faso has not yet embraced this no-subsidy approach and Dr. Kar said he had talks with the authorities in charge of the issue for the country to move towards this approach. In West Africa, FIU/USAID WA-WASH is at the forefront of the no-subsidy CLTS approach. In June 2015, the Program organized a study tour in the Upper West region (Ghana) for the water and sanitation stakeholders in Burkina Faso to learn from its experience in this region where 23 communities have reached the ODF status. In Niger, the same approach has led to the certification of 21 ODF communities.

UNICEF is currently piloting CLTS without subsidies with very interesting results in the Sissili province. According to Ms. Fohr, UNICEF, as part of the Sissili ODF 2017 Initiative, intends to make Sissili, the first ODF-certified province in Burkina Faso by December 2017, with support from other stakeholders of the water and sanitation sector.

For Dr. Boukerrou, FIU/USAID WA-WASH is encouraged to see that in Burkina Faso there are initiatives aimed at promoting CLTS without subsidies with the support of the Sanitation General Directorate. These initiatives will helpfully encourage the government of Burkina Faso to adopt CLTS with no-subsidy for a real involvement of the populations in improving sanitation access rate in the country.

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