FIU/USAID WA-WASH Exchanges Views with REPHA-BF Members in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

On Monday, April 10 2017, Dr. Lakhdar Boukerrou, FIU/USAID WA-WASH Regional Director attended a meeting with the members of the Burkina Faso Parliamentarians Network for Drinking Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (REPHA-BF, in French). This meeting follows the marketing workshop of the REPHA-BF 2016-2020 action plan held on March 31, 2017.

The REPHA-BF gathers Parliamentarians from various political parties in Burkina Faso. The objective of this Network is to contribute to improving the quality of drinking water and sanitation services. The Network has defined strategic lines in its 2016-2020 action plan to achieve this objective: strengthening the capacities of the Parliamentarians on water and sanitation issues, improving sector legislation and regulation, and promoting initiatives with multiplier effects.

On March 31, 2017, Dr. Lakhdar Boukerrou, with other technical and financial partners (TFP) in the WASH sector, participated in the marketing workshop of the REPHA-BF action plan. The REPHA-BF’s members and the TFPs reviewed the objectives and activities planned to achieve the expected results of this action plan amounting to CFA 1,160,850,000. REPHA-BF commits itself to support 34% of this budget or CFA 389,650,000. The remaining 66% (CFA 747,250,000) are to be sought from the TFPs.

For more efficiency in the actions undertaken by its members, REPHA-BF intends to focus on capacity building. At the April 10, 2017 meeting, Dr. Boukerrou discussed with the REPHA-BF’s members, the importance of capacity building, good governance, and partnerships for the implementation of its action plan. Dr. Boukerrou also gave an overview of FIU/USAID WA-WASH activities. During Phase I (2011-2015), for example, the Program provided 65,691 people with access to an improved drinking water source and 62,625 others with improved sanitation in West Africa. The monitoring missions carried out as part of Phase II (2016-2017) show that 88% of the water points visited are functional and 97% of the sanitation facilities visited are in good condition and used in Burkina Faso.

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