FIU/USAID WA-WASH represented at the AfWA’s meeting in Rabat, Morocco

From February 13 to 17, 2017, the city of Rabat hosted several events of the African Water Association (AfWA), namely the Board meeting, the General Assembly, and the meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council (STC). The STC meeting was held under the theme: " Water and Sanitation in Africa: Challenges and Prospects". Dr. Lakhdar Boukerrou, FIU/USAID WA-WASH Regional Director participated in these meetings and officially launched the AfWA’s new knowledge management and information sharing platform.

The STC meetings provide an opportunity for AfWA’s members to review the major challenges faced by African water utilities. FIU/USAID WA-WASH participation at these meetings is important because it allows for more contribution by the Program in finding solutions to these challenges.

During the Rabat meeting, Dr. Boukerrou made a presentation on knowledge management and information sharing to the members of the Scientific Committee #1 – Management. He also presented a short overview of FIU/USAID WA-WASH support to AfWA Board members. This support is related to the development of the AfWA’s 2018-2022 strategic plan and a list of income-generating activities to be adopted by the Association.

In Rabat, Dr. Boukerrou also officially launched with Mr. Sylvain Usher the new AfWA knowledge management and information sharing platform, designed by FIU/USAID WA-WASH with support from the FIU’s IT Specialist in Miami (Florida) and the contribution of both FIU/USAID WA-WASH and AfWA staff. This platform will facilitate knowledge management and information sharing between AfWA’s members and also with the general public. The Rabat meeting brought together 148 participants from 25 countries. As a reminder, AfWA is one of the main African organizations benefiting from the FIU/USAID WA-WASH’s institutional and human capacity building activities.

According to Dr. Boukerrou, in addition to receiving funds from USAID/West Africa as part of the AfriCap Program, AfWA staff also benefits from capacity building sessions organized by FIU/USAID WA-WASH on topics such as: project management, human resources management, finance, procurement, and monitoring and evaluation.

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