USGS postdoc: fire and forest treatment project

Research question: How are wildfires and restoration treatments in southwestern pine forests affecting landscape-scale patterns, processes, and resilience to future climate change?

Link to Research Opportunity project description: http:/geology.usgs.govpostdoc/opps/2016/round16/16-34%20Briggs.htm

General information about Mendenhall program and requirements: http:/geology.usgs.govpostdoc/opps/research.html

Research advisors (RAs): Jenny Briggs, Research Ecologist, USGS, Denver CO (; Melanie Vanderhoof, Research Geographer, USGS, Denver CO (; Kristen Pelz, Research Ecologist, USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station, Reno NV (; Jose Iniguez, Research Ecologist, USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station, Flagstaff AZ (; Craig Allen, Research Ecologist, USGS, Los Alamos NM (

Duty station if project is funded: Denver, CO

Application information:

Interested parties should contact the research advisors (Lead RA is Jenny Briggs, to express their interest and/or ask any questions not addressed on the Mendenhall website above. Please include a current CV. For this Research Opportunity, we anticipate that successful applicants will have experience in one or more of the following fields: forest ecology, fire ecology, forest and fire management, remote sensing research, geography, and landscape ecology. Interested candidates with relevant experience will be encouraged to develop 8-page proposals to submit to the USGS Mendenhall competition by May 2, 2016, and must also complete a formal application to the post-doctoral position by May 2, 2016, via USAJobs (see link labeled “Apply Here” on the Research Opportunity webpage; this link also provides more information about compensation and other USGS hiring policies).

Proposals will be developed with input from the Research Advisors listed above for the project, but proposals must represent the candidates' independent work and must clearly address the research questions and needs described in the Research Opportunity statement. Final selection and funding of proposals will be determined via the USGS national selection process in May-June 2016. If selected, Mendenhall post-docs are typically hired for 2-year appointments as GS-12 USGS Research scientists; appointments typically begin in late summer through late fall.