Jay Sah

Jay Sah

2002 Ph. D. in Biology (Ecology)-Florida International University, Miami, FL 33199, USA. (Dissertation: Vegetation Dynamics and their Implications for the Management of Wetlands in the Lowlands of Nepal)

1993 M. Sc. in Natural Resources Planning Management-Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand.( Thesis: Wetland Vegetation and Its Management: A Case Study in Koshi Tappu Region, Nepal)

1983 Degree (M. Sc.) in Botany (Ecology)-Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal. (Thesis: Nutrient Content in Leaf Litter of Major Tree Species at Phulchoki Hill, Kathmandu, Nepal)

Research Interests:

Vegetation Analysis, Vegetation Classification, Vegetation-environmental Relationships, Wetland plant ecology, Wetland Ecology and Management, Disturbance Ecology, Biodiversity Conservation, Environmental Impact Assessment, and Interdisciplinary Approach to Natural Resource Ecology and Management

Study of plant community structure and function

Analysis of underlying vegetation-environment relationships and vegetation responses to disturbances to answer a wide range of ecological questions at various spatial and temporal scales by using multivariate statistical techniques and GIS

Strategic analysis of integrating ecological and socio-economic approaches in natural resource management