Jennifer Rehage

Jennifer Rehage

Ph.D. Ecology, Evolution and Behavior Section, Biological Sciences, University of Kentucky Lexington, KY, July 2003.

B.S. Environmental Studies, Florida International University Miami, FL, December 1995. Minors in Biology and Chemistry.

A.A. Political Science, Honors Institute, Broward Community College Davie, FL, June 1993.

Research Interests:

Dr. Rehage is an aquatic ecologist whose work focuses on examining how anthropogenic disturbance alters the nature of key ecological processes and mechanisms. Her research encompasses both biotic (i.e., non-indigenous species) and abiotic (i.e., hydrological regimes) alterations to aquatic and estuarine systems. Ongoing work examines the structuring role of hydrologic disturbance on aquatic communities, as well as the interacting effects of hydrological disturbance and non-indigenous species on native fish communities. Current projects look at the effects of hydrology on the fish community in the mangrove ecotone, and interactions among native fishes and non-native cichlids in freshwater marshes within Everglades National Park. She teaches courses in biotic resources and environmental resources and pollution.