Joel Trexler

Joel Trexler

Ph.D., Florida State University, 1986 (Biology)

M.S., Florida State University, 1983 (Biology)

B.S., University of South Carolina, 1979 (Marine Biology)

Organization for Tropical Studies, Costa Rican Natural History 83-1

Research Interests:

Dr. Trexler is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences.Over the past 10 years, he has become very interested in the challenges presented by management and restoration of the Florida Everglades. His interest in this massive public-works project has arisen partly because it seeks to preserve a spectacular ecosystem at his backdoor, but also because of the problems presented to biologists in proceeding with restoration. As part of a major nutrient dosing experiment he and his students are investigating how changing patterns of productivity affect community structure of aquatic animals. As part of the Florida Coastal Everglades Long-term Ecological Research Site (FCE-LTER), his lab is also investigating how the controls of fish community and population dynamics change along the salinity and productivity gradients in the southern Everglades.