Ligia Collado-Vides

Ligia Collado-Vides

Ph. D. 1992 Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Science Faculty, Department of Biology.

M.S. 1989 Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Marine Sciences Institute.

B.A. 1983 Universidad Nacional Autónoma Metropolitana, Department of Biology.

Research Interests:

Dr. Collado-Vides is a marine botanist with a research emphasis in ecology of tropical marine macroalgae, commonly known as seaweeds. She has experience in the tropical macroalgal flora of seagrass and reef communities in the Mexican Caribbean and south Florida. Her research focuses on evaluating the effects of land-based stressors on coastal ecosystems and their potential impact in coral reefs and seagrass ecosystems. She uses macroalgal diversity, abundance, distribution and nutrient content in different spatiotemporal scales to evaluate drivers of phase-shifts in these ecosystems. Interested on effects of climate change on coastal ecosystems, her laboratory is also conducting research on the role of calcareous green algae in the carbon budget of Florida Bay and the Mexican Caribbean; she is estimating the organic and inorganic carbon produced by these rhizophytic algae along a salinity and nutrient gradient, this project is part of the Florida coastal Everglades LTER. Dr. Collado-Vides is interested to conduct research that is directly applicable to marine conservation, and management of coastal ecosystems, particularly in Marine Protected Areas in south Florida and the Caribbean. As a Lecturer she has a heavy teaching load, she uses her teaching assignments as a great opportunity to educate students about environmental problems and solutions.