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Periphyton Analysis Lab

The Periphyton Analysis Laboratory (PAL) is a recharge center operated by Evelyn Gaiser’s algae laboratory at Florida International University. The PAL offers specialized analysis and identification of microalgae from a wide range of aquatic ecosystems, focusing on substratum-attached algae (periphyton) but supporting analyses of phytoplankton as well. Gaiser has 30 years of experience working with algae and is an accomplished diatom taxonomist. Her lab focuses on studies of algae as sentinels of environmental changes occurring at local and global scales. The PAL provides support for the quantification, identification and enumeration of algae from lakes, rivers and wetlands around the world, using contemporary nomenclature and methods.

  • Activities

    Activities in the laboratory include:

    • Guidance of sampling and collections management protocols
    • Sampling and collecting algae
    • Assistance and training in algal identification for grants, contracts and workshops
    • Processing of algal samples to quantify abundance and composition
    • Interpretation of results
  • Lab Research

    PAL is a recharge center operated by Evelyn Gaiser’s algae laboratory at Florida International University. 

    Algae are crucial early indicators of ecological changes related to habitat degradation or restoration. Species of diatoms and other algae and cyanobacteria often exhibit preferences for low or high pH, salinity and nutrient concentrations, among other factors, and can even regulate water quality. Gaiser's lab research focuses on these uses of algae in the Everglades and other coastal wetlands subject to sea level rise, land use change, and large-scale restoration in the context of the Florida Coastal Everglades Long Term Ecological Research Program and the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan. These microscopic life forms need to be conserved and studied as key pieces of the Everglades ‘ecological puzzle’.


Rate (name) Unit Base Internal External
Wet Lab Pre-Processing Samples
$ 16
$ 24
Biomass Analysis Samples
$ 20
$ 30
Preparation of samples for external analysis Samples
$ 21
$ 31
Environmental measurements Samples
$ 18
$ 27
Diatom Species Composition Samples
$ 280
$ 413
Soft Algae Species Composition  Samples
$ 280
$ 414
Field Collection Hours
$ 70
$ 104
Data Report and Interpretation Hours
$ 70
$ 103
Report Writing Hours
$ 70
$ 103

Have Questions?

You can contact Dr. Evelyn Gaiser at 305-348-6145 or via email at Lab Manager Franco Tobias is also available to answer any questions at 305-348-7286 or via email at